Debian 10 – msphpsql – php 7.3 to MS SQL Error 0x2746

Installed the PHP driver for MS SQL on a vanilla Debian 10 VM, using: As per the docs. Then connecting gives this error in PHP: And this on the server (SQL Server 2012): Lots of chat about this on the forums ( ) but this comment by miktea is the key: Thanks

How-to install a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS guest/virtual machine (VM) running on Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V using Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) attaching a NVIDIA Tesla V100 32Gb on Dell Poweredge R740

Background Commodity NVIDIA cards such as the GeForce 1080Ti are not intended by their manufacturer to be used in virtualized environments. Specifically there are features built into the drivers that make passing the PCI-E devices through from the host into the VM a challenge. This is possible to bypass if the host is running Linux/KVM
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